Dropper — An Integrated Web3 Platform for Game Developers

1 min readOct 6, 2022

Dropper allows game developers to launch NFTs effectively, using custodial wallets, API-driven web3 integrations, and a unified set of tools. Dropper is built to power the new frontier of gaming by helping projects maximise the benefits of web3 technology, whilst minimising the barrier of interacting with it, creating a seamless user experience.

We are proud to have partnered with Dropper to design a decentralised, circular, and sustainable staking economy, where users carry out governance and key decision-making, and developers are incentivised to launch quality projects.

Dropper’s core utility token, “$DROP”, allows for active user participation within the Dropper economy. By staking (voting) towards different “drops” / releases, users decide the ranking or visibility of “drops”, as well as the funding rewards that are allocated to different projects. The economy allows for the community to reward and pre-fund game studios and developers, and to incentivise the release of quality “drops”. Alongside this dynamic system we’ve developed algorithms that are responsive to participation in the staking economy to maintain rational alignment between utility, user engagement, and incentives.

We are excited to see Dropper enable developers to seamlessly launch projects, whilst being powered by a community. Dropper is the leading NFT launchpad on Hedera — pay it a visit at https://www.dropper.gg/!