Introducing the Staking Economy

We are proud to be working alongside, a pioneering multipurpose and open metaverse, aiming to provide the widest user experience possible. allows for users and brands to create custom 3D spatial audio and video, utilise NFT integrations, generate virtual land and load 3D assets, generate in metaverse bots, as well as providing functions for land ownership with levelling up mechanics. recently won metaverse of the year at the AIBC summit, beating established projects like Decentraland and Sandbox.

We partnered with to design a circular staking economy that drives community engagement and that brings decentralisation to both land- and economic governance. The focus has been to create an economic and governance system that establishes a rational alignment between community incentives, user participation, and underlying utility. To achieve this, we’ve worked to design a dynamic system supported by algorithms that are responsive to active participation in the staking economy. is powered by the $PAXW token. $PAXW allows for users to actively vote towards land, as a form of community curation. A system of economic governance is created through these staking mechanisms, allowing the community to set the parameters for how land is developed and promoted in the metaverse. The goal is to create a sustainable in-metaverse economy, where users are rewarded for their participation, and significant elements of governance in the metaverse are decentralised.

We are excited for this partnership as we envision the wider application of as a metaverse that can scale to an unprecedented number of users.

See you in!



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